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Instructions for students:

Students who desire guidance can attend a workshop about searching for health scientific articles. During the workshop, you can receive guidance as an individual or as a group.

Book a librarian:

Employees at the University of Southern Denmark and Odense University Hospital who need to search for literature within the health sciences are welcome to attend at the Library of the University of Southern Denmark.

Book a librarian – preparation

See the list of databases on our website and be inspired. PubMed is typically the first choice. You should make your own choice – if you have doubts about it we are of course willing to help.

It is a good idea to look up keywords/subject headings in dictionaries or technical books within the subject in question. You might also go through articles in your possession to find relevant keywords. In PubMed see the list of MeSH-terms or the list of Cinahl headings in Cinahl. Send us your keywords (the number of facets may vary). Include possible synonyms  within the same facet  (for instance: stroke, apoplexy, cerebral  hemorrhage a.o.). In most databases the search language is English.

When searching you should combine the facets with the boolean operator AND, and the operator OR is placed between the synonyms to broaden your search.  An example from PubMed:  (insulin infusion OR insulin pump OR insulin pump therapy) AND (training OR education OR educational status).

In some cases it is useful to make citation searching, and in these cases you should know of at least 1 or 2 key articles within this field. If your search result contains too many relevant references – or the other way round – very few relevant references, you should review your search , perhaps some keywords should be excluded – and others included. Go through abstracts and keywords in some of the most relevant articles for better keywords. Be careful not to “overspecify”  your search by combining too many keywords. PubMed and Web of Science offer Related Search which may be very inspiring.

Book a Librarian
Due to demand, there may occur waiting time for booking.
Upload file with searches, you have already tried, as well as references