Mobile Access

Many of the databases and journals Videncentret has access to offer access using mobile devices. Some have options for tablets / smartphones while others are only available on select devices. Some offer remote access, others can only be used at OUH.

You can search in the library catalogue using your smartphone by following this link.


ClinicalKey has an app which provides remote access to the ClinicalKey database. The app can be found in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. To gain access (this is only possible for employees at Odense University Hospital), you must register as a user on using your institutional mail address (one which ends with Once you have registered as a user, or if you already have a ClinicalKey user, you can apply for remote access. Once this step is completed, you can log into the ClinicalKey app with your ClinicalKey user (the username is the e-mail address used).

Danish Medical Journal

You can down load the journal app in the App Store and read all issues on your iPhone – search for “Ugeskriftet” or “Ufl”.

You can read the latest issues each Monday and you only need to log in once using the same password you use for and læ The app is free for members and subscribers.


Docphin is an app which makes it easier to follow publications in a group of journals. With remote access, you can download full-text articles directly inside the app.

You need to sign up on Docphin’s website (choose “University of Southern Denmark” as your institution). The app can be downloaded for free through the Play Store (formerly Android Market) or in Apple’s App Store.


Ebrary contains a large selection of e-books. The webpage works with mobile devices, so links to Ebrary e-books (with remote access) should be usable with smartphones and tablets.

If you wish to download e-books from Ebrary onto your mobile device for offline reading, you need the following:

  • Bluefire Reader (a free app used to open and read protected e-books; it can be found in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store)
  • An Adobe ID (a free account which can be created from within Bluefire Reader)
  • An Ebrary-user (a free account which can be created on Ebrary on the same page from which you would read an e-book)

The process for downloading an e-book is as follows:

  1. Open the webpage containing the e-book using the web browser on your mobile device
  2. Log in to Ebrary
  3. Select “Full Download” (afterwards, a small window should present you with instructions)
  4. Choose which type of device you have (the guide will remind you that you need Bluefire Reader, Adobe ID and so on)
  5. Download the book – this should give you a file which should automatically be opened in Bluefire Reader
  6. You have now borrowed the e-book and can read it in Bluefire Reader for 14 days

See also Ebrary’s own guide to offline-reading.


EndNote has an app for iPad. It can synchronize EndNote-libraries using EndNote Web and download attached PDF files. These can be viewed in a built-in PDF reader (which has tools for highlighting, adding comments etc.).

The app can attach files from DropBox.

London Dysmorphology Database

There is access to the London Dysmorphology Database through Face2Gene, which has an app for both iOS and Android devices. This app can be downloaded for iOS here, and for Android here. To gain access to LDDB through the app, you must first create a Face2Gene account here, and then contant Videncentret, and state the e-mail used to create your Face2Gene account. You will then be granted access to LDDB.


Mendeley is a free program for handling PDF-files and references and can be freely downloaded from the Internet. You can get it here. Through the App Store, you can get the app for iPad and iPhone. Using an iPhone or iPad, you can download documents for reading – offline as well. Note that the free version has limited capacity. The Mendeley app has recently been made available for Android devices as well.


Micromedex offers the app “Free Micromedex Drug Reference for Internet Subscribers”. The app is availabe in the iTunes App Store (for iPhone / iPad), Play Store (for Android) and Windows Store (for Windows8 devices). To use the app, you need a password. This password can be found on the Micromedex website under “Download Mobile Apps”.

Read by QxMD

Access to articles in PDF-format bought by OUH/SDU is now possible using the app “Read QxMD”. When you download the app, enter “University of Southern Denmark” as your institution, which allows remote access to work with the app. If you cannot select “University of Southern Denmark” while installing, select “no institution” and correct this later in the settings.


ScienceDirect has discontinued their app and instead improved the mobile experience on the main website. To read articles from the various journals we have subscriptions for, simply visit the webpage using any ordinary webbrowser while connected to the network at OUH or SDU. Remote access is also available.

Scopus and Embase

You can register using a computer on OUH’s or SDU’s network with you work e-mail. Then you can download an app (ScopusAlerts – be careful not to select the app for individual subscribers). This app allows you to set up alerts, mail links and articles and save select articles in the app.

You can only associate your username and password with one mobile device. This means that you cannot use the app on both your iPhone and iPad. See more here.


You can download an app (springerlink) which gives access to Springer’s materials while you are on OUH’s or SDU’s network.


Videncentret has bought a access to UpToDate Anywhere. This means that employees and students at Odense University Hospital and The University of Southern Denmark can use UpToDate and the accompanying app from anywhere.

  1. Register for an account at the UpToDate website while connected to the network at OUH / SDU
  2. Download the UpToDate app to your device (it is available through Google Play / App Store / Windows Store)
  3. Log in inside the app with your UpToDate account – you can now use the app no matter where you are (as long as you have Internet connectivity)

To maintain access to UpToDate, you must log in to the UpToDate website via the network at OUH / SDU once every 90 days.

Visible Body

The Visible Body atlases are available as apps (in addition to the web versions). The apps can be downloaded from Google’s Play Store (for Android devices) or Apple’s App Store (for iOS devices). Note that you must download the version for organizations to gain access via your institution. After installing, you will need an activation – to receive such a code, contact Videncentret.


There is mobile access to VisualDx through their app. This app is available for iOS devices here, and Android devices here. To gain access to the app, go to VisualDx (either on SDU/OUH’s network or through remote access) and press the button “Get the Mobile App”. This opens a sidemenu, with the option to “Create a Personal Account”. Fill out the form to create an account, and download the app. You now have access to VisualDx through their app, with your login.