Videncentret offers access to the dictionary package English Pro Medicine and Clinical dictionary from Gyldendal. The dictionaries are available at Videncentret and OUH (Odense and Svendborg). They can also be used via remote access by employees at OUH.
At Videncentret and for students and employees at SDU, there is also access to Ordbogen.com – the largest online-dictionary in Denmark.

English PRO Medicine (English/Danish – Danish/English) contains the entire English PRO-package along with the contents of Gyldendal’s Røde Medicinsk-Odontologisk Dictionary. English PRO Medicine is developed particularly for employees, researchers and translators within health science or the pharmaceutical industry.

The package contains the most important terms within the medical sciences particularly medicine, surgery, psychiatry and odontology. For all entry words, there is an English explanation and authentic examples illustrating actual use of the term.

The Clinical Dictionary translates medical terms into plain Danish. It is a combined dictionary and encyclopedia with descriptions and explanations of terms and diseases, including extensive cross-references to associated diseases and further explanations of terms.

Ordbogen.com gives access to Den Danske Netordbog and dictionaries in several languages.