On these pages you will find different kinds of tools to search literature and information. Employees at OUH (Odense University Hospital) and SDU (University of Southern Denmark) as well as students at SDU have remote access to most of our electronic media i.e. databases, periodicals and books.

Videncentret, SDUB, The Regions of Southern Denmark offer access to many databases.  In our list of databases you will find databases within the health sciences – both licensed and free of charge. Opposite each database there is an I-button with information on the database in question and how to get access. If you are looking for databases within other subjects go to the website of SDUB and click on databases.


Videncentret and SDU offer access to more than 5000 electronic periodicals within the health sciences. Periodicals in print can be searched in kataloget. We (The University Library and Videncentret ) subscribe to very few current periodicals in print, as most periodicals within the health sciences are in electronic version, however we do hold a great number of back issues in print in our archives.


Are you looking for books in print click on kataloget. The latest clinical books are placed at Videncentret, moreover Videncentret and SDUB have access to approx. 180,000 electronic books, ca. 10,000 of these are within the health sciences. All electronic books can be searched in kataloget – click on Advanced Search –  under  “type” you choose “elektronisk materiale”.


Videncentret offers access to Engelsk Pro Medicin and Klinisk Ordbog. The dictionaries can be reached from computers at Videncentret and OUH, and employees at OUH have remote access. Videncenter-computers, students at SDU, and SDU-employees have remote access to All employees of Region Syddanmark have access to as well.


Are you looking for Danish or foreign papers, then there is directory of the paper database we have access to here. In the tab under ‘Generel’, choose ‘Aviser’.


Statistics can be found in numerous databases. See the directory of possibilities here. In the tab ‘Samfundsvidenskab’, choose ‘Statistik og Data’.