Herdis Foverskov

Head of Videncentret ad interim, Librarian

Responsibilities: Subscriptions (printed and digital), reporting errors regarding digital journals and databases, and guidance in literature search.

2382 5147

Berit Alving

Librarian D.B. MILS

Responsibilities: Guidance and teaching of reference management and literature search.

6541 + section 1596

Joan Månsson

Administrative Officer

Responsibilities: Ordering articles and books. Ordering materials for supplementary education.

6541 + section 1724

Johan Wallin

Doctor, Research Librarian emeritus

Mette Brandt Eriksen

Research Librarian

Responsibilities: Guidance and teaching literature search and researcher services. Maternity leave from September 20, 2017.


Rebekka Juel Danyar

Student Assistant