We have computers with access to all of our electronic materials.


Wireless Network

SDU’s wireless network, Eduroam, er accessible at Videncentret. If you encounter problems with Eduroam, SDU has a page with instructions (the wireless network SDU-WIFI-HELP can be used to access the page).

Become Borrower

Videncentret is a public library, so anyone with a Danish social security number can become a borrower.

You become a borrower by filling out the form, found here.
When you have received your loaner card, you can borrow materials from Videncentret, and from all the libraries of SDU, but you can also reserve, order, or renew your loans, as well as correct your personal information in our library system – this could, for example, be the changing of your address or e-mail.

Note that the library is not automatically notified if you change your address or workplace.

Copying & Printing

Students print via their print account with SDU. At copy orders, copies cost 1 kr. per copy (except material you don’t have the opportunity to print/copy yourself – i.e. material from other libraries, closed depots, and the likes). Other users pay 33 øre per copy. If we print/copy for you, you will receive an invoice in the mail, as well as the bill. Scanning is free.

Employees at OUH and SDU who needs printing or copying is asked to check in at the counter in Videncentret.