Borrowing Rules

Students at SDU can use their student ID to borrow materials and the rules which apply in this case can be found at SDU.
How to borrow

To become a borrower at the University Library of Southern Denmark, you have to provide valid identification with a Danish CPR-number (e.g. national health card, driving licence, passport, etc.).  If you do not have a Danish CPR number, the library may insist on some other form of guarantee or security. Students with a valid student card from the University of Southern Denmark or the University of Flensburg can, however, receive cards without the provision of security.

When you become a borrower you will receive a library card, which must be presented each time you pick up an item from the library. You can be registered as a borrower and receive your library card at the lending desks of the library. You can also apply for a library card online.

Library card

The library card is supplied with the borrower’s name, a personal card number and a barcode. A password is also attached to the library card, which is used when making online requests and renewals in the library’s catalogue. Until it is changed, the password is as default the borrower’s date of birth (ddmmyy). We recommend that you change it to a personal password the first time you log into the system.

A library card is strictly personal and you will be held responsible for borrowed items and their return to the library within the due date.

If you change your address, you must inform the library as soon as possible. This can be done online.
Please contact the library as quickly as possible if you lose your library card so that the card can be blocked.

Loan period

A period of loan is normally 30 days. The period of loan takes effect from the date the material is registered as on loan until it can be recalled.

Certain books and other material can be borrowed as ”overnight and weekend loans”: This material can be borrowed from 15 minutes before the library closes until 9.00 a.m. the next day the library is open. If the next day the library is open is a Saturday then the material is returned as soon as the library opens at 10.00 a.m. Material borrowed as an overnight or weekend loan must be returned to the same campus library and lending desk as it has been lent out from.

Books and material borrowed from other libraries via us are called ILL items (”indlånt”,) and their loan periods are determined by the individual lending library.

Dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, bibliographies, etc. are not normally available for loan. It is, however, possible to make arrangements to borrow them as an overnight or weekend loan.

Books and other material returned via the library’s letterbox while the library is closed are registered as returned on the same day as they are returned.

Borrowed material, which no longer in use ought to be returned so that it is available for other users.

How to renew your loans

You can extend a period of loan if another borrower has not reserved the material. You can do this online in the library’s catalogue via Borrower information. A renewal can be made at the earliest after 14 days and the period of loan is extended with a normal period of loan, i.e. 30 days.
You can also renew your loans at the library’s lending desks or by contacting the library by telephone.
Material borrowed from another library (INDLÅNT) is recalled when it is due to be returned to the library it belongs to.
If you want to extend an interlibrary loan, please use the Renew IL loans form found under User status. You can also extend the loan by contacting the library in person or via telephone.

Reading room loan

Some of the library’s books and material are only for use on the premises and not for normal loan. This is primarily material published before 1800 plus dissertations and theses, plates, certain videos, loose-leaf works and other works, which are too rare or fragile for normal loan.

You can instead borrow these books and material for use in the library’s reading room, where there are supervised reading desks.

Books and material lent out to the reading room/supervised reading desks are normally lent out for 30 days. It is possible to extend the period of loan in the same way as with a normal loan.

Material borrowed from other libraries, which is not for normal loan is also lent out to the reading room/supervised reading desks.

Semester loan

Books and other material, which for a limited period of time are to be used by a class of students in connection with a course or written papers can be set aside on a semester loan shelf in the reading room. It is usually a teacher, who establishes a semester loan shelf containing the books to be used in connection with a course of instruction. Groups of students can also establish a semester loan shelf to ensure that relevant books and material are available for them all.
Books and material on a semester loan shelf can normally only be used at the library. It is, however, possible to borrow the material as an overnight and weekend loan or briefly in order to make photocopies.

Interlibrary loans

If you wish to borrow books and material, which are not found at the library we will try to obtain the material for you from other libraries in Denmark or abroad. Books and material borrowed from other libraries are described as ”indlånt”. You can make a request for an interlibrary loan online or you can retrieve and make a request for the book via, which includes the contents of all Danish libraries.
Material, which has been requested from another library, can be seen in User status under See requests.

Recall procedures and fees

Books and material are recalled if there is someone else who wishes to borrow them and the loan period has been exceeded (30 days). A recall notice, however, will always be sent out 3 months after the date the material has been noted as lent out. The recall notice will tell you whether you can renew the loan (routine recall notice) or whether another borrower has reserved the material. The library can at any time recall material, which is needed for official purposes.

If you do not return the material or renew the loan at the latest 7 days after the first recall notice then the library will send you a second recall notice with a fee of 25 kr. per recalled item (book or other material). If the material is still not returned or renewed at the latest 9 days after the 2. recall notice, the library will send an invoice claiming replacement plus a further fee of 125 kr. per recalled item (book or other material). These fees have to be paid even if the material is returned afterwards.

If there is no reaction to this invoice, the matter will be referred to the collector of debts and there will be an extra fee for costs.

If requested the library will give you a receipt for returned material.

The rules above also apply to interlibrary loans.

Pay the fees you owe via online banking (netbank):
State your library card no. and name under “Besked til modtager”, and make a transfer to Registration no.: 3574, Account no.: 1146440.

Damaged or lost material

If books or material are damaged or lost while you have borrowed them, then you will have to replace them.

Requesting material

You can make requests online in the library’s catalogue. We also accept requests in theform of request forms, prints, photocopies, etc. as well as via e-mail, fax or the telephone. Please make a note of the last date of interest for your requests. Then they can be cancelled after this date if they have not been executed.
You can see the material, which has been requested for you from another library in User status under See requests.

Notices from the library

The library sends notices and messages to you as a borrower by email or post.

Notices and messages can be about:

  • Problems/delays in connection with obtaining material
  • Picking up of material, which was lent out from the library’s departments at the time the request was made. (The material must be picked up within 8 days from the date on the notice)
  • Recall notices.
  • You can see yourself the status of your requests by checking ”You have requested” in Borrower information.
Picking up requested material – supply within 24 hours

Books and material at the departments of the library, which have been requested before 12.00 noon and are not on loan will normally be ready to be picked up at your pick-up location of choice the following working day from 12.00 noon.

You can see yourself the status of your requests by checking ”You have requested” in Borrower information.
Requested material can be picked up within 8 days.

If you are an employee at the the material you have requested can be sent directly to your address at work. You just have to give us the name of your institute, centre or department as your address. You can change your address via Borrower information.

Forwarding of material – Books to your door

You can have your borrowed books and journals forwarded by post for the charge of 50 kr. per book. Photocopies, prints and microfilms are forwarded for a charge of 15 kr. per item of mail.

Read more about the delivery of Books to your door under Library services.

Photocopies and prints

You can make requests for copies of articles from journals and books as well as the newspapers the library has on microfilm. You can also make requests for prints of electronic resources.


If you do not keep the rules of the library you can have your right to borrow books and material suspended. If your right to borrow has been suspended then you can only use material in the reading room/supervised reading desks.