Feedback on our new website

We have now looked through the feedback we’ve received on our new website.

As a result, we’ve added a search field to the sidebar, as well as add Social Media Share Buttons to all the news on our website.

The most used databases, such as PubMed, Cinahl, Embase, ClinicalKey and UpToDate are found on the home page in an image slider in the sidebar. It automatically changes between slides every 8000ms, but by using the arrows you can switch slides until you arrive at the database you seek.

The last slide will take you to the page with our database list, also available through the menu.

Additionally, we’ve received quite a few complaints about remote access. The problem with the remote access coincided with the launch of our new website, however, the problem is not on our end, but stems from SDU. The problem should be resolved now, but should problems arise with remote access in the future, you will need to contact us in Videncentret if you are an OUH-employee, and contact SDU if you are a student.


If you have additional comments, or suggestions for improvements, please send us an e-mail.